Our Company, with a new structuring in its body, began working on getting ISO 9001:2000 and turned into an INCORPARATED COMPANY in May 2004. The Company has authenticated its quality in May 2005 with ISO 9001:2000. In 2012 our company has obtained certificates of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 and in 2018 went through inspections and obtained ISO 13485:2012 and ISO 9001:2015.
As it is in every industry, design stage before manufacturing is very significant. In order to prevent technical flaws during manufacturing, also to increase the efficiency and the quality, and to produce highly precise products, DOME develops technical projects for all details and simulates the production by means of computer in advance. Thus, continuity in the quality starts before production process. Our company uses current software (CATIA, ESPRPIT etc.) for our CAD/CAM processes.
Quality in production could be achieved and maintained by continuous measurement and inspection. Quality should be checked by continuous measurement during production, instead of controlling the finished batch of products at the end of the process. Measurement and inspection spaces next to each machine tool enable us to continuously produce high quality products, thus provide the minimum number of defective pieces.
Our company, which has adopted the principle of %100 quality control, checks the product 3 times during the process, beginning with the controlling of raw material, next during the manufacturing and lastly after the product is complete. Casting, heat treatment, nitration, barrel deep drilling, tempering, control parameters, quality planning have been defined in final quality control procedures. Our company, in order to make sure that the customer receives a faultless product, is one of the rare companies in the region that houses its’ own laboratory equipment and experts within the premises. DOME is capable of measuring physical dimensions as well as determining positional tolerances like coaxially, run out, parallelism, perpendicularity, etc. in its quality control laboratory.
The testing and inspections of the material, micro constructions, and the controls of the hardness of the material are also done within the facilities. Also, our company uses ERP system during the management processes, with which all our machinery is connected. This system enables us to be accurate with our delivery dates given to our customers and enables us to be in control over our production line.

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