DOME INC. while it was only working on maintenance of diesel engines, water pumps and manufacturing of their spare parts, today, does bulk production in four different sectors: medical sector, defense industry, shotgun producing, and automotive industry. The aim of our company is to have more than 50 years of manufacturing experience meet with the new world vision and the developments of the engineering world in order to be able to come up with fast and flexible solutions for our customers’ requests, that works efficiently, and become a manufacturer that has its origins set on quality. With this aim, DOME Group, that had 4 employees in the beginnings of 1980s now has more than 50 employees, has turned into a company that produces tens of different products in thousands, and is a leader both in its region and in the country. In addition, our company rightfully takes pride in being the first dental implant manufacturer of Turkey.
The company continues production with a team of post graduates, college graduates, and trade school graduates and a management team of engineers and technicians who are experts in their fields.
The company, which has a principle of 100% quality control, controls the quality of the product 3 times, this begins with checking the quality of the raw material which is the first step of production, then checks during the production and after the products has taken its’ final shape. Also, to get much more precise measurements of its final products up to 1,7μm, our company started to use 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) since the beginning of 2017. Our company is one of the rarest companies in the region that has laboratory equipment and personnel who have expertized in the subject in the facilities, in order to make sure the customer gets a flawless product.